Die Cosmic Reiter

by Phrozenlight



The title is a mixture of two languages, German & English.
I noticed that I write the last time a lot in both languages on the internet, sometimes to the same person, so it is time to make de Cosmic Sprache ;)

This album contains 2 tracks.

Track 1 is called "Trybelysticsaterrituals" which is a combination of several words.. up to you to find out what I mean. ;)

Track 2, "Die Cosmic Reiter", is made by using several tracks which are recorded separately. These tracks (parts) are added as bonustracks.
All parts are recorded in 1 take per part, live without editing. You can listen to them as seperate tracks, so in the end you have 7 tracks.
The only editing is done in track 2 to mix the several parts. It is a rather new way to do for me, and it feels like cheating. ;)
But I love the outcome, hope you will like it also.


released March 10, 2015


all rights reserved



Phrozenlight Netherlands

Phrozenlight is a musical project by Bert Hülshoff, started in 1995.
The name comes from Frozen Light (light without movement, dead space), but is also an tribute to Edgar Froese the man who, together with various other German pioneers, shaped electronic music in the 70s. Phrozenlight’s music can be seen as a sonic metaphor for harmony of the atmospheres and chaotic fractals. ... more

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